Why Choose Us

Bettaplay is your 1 stop Kids Zone Builder and Consultant determined to create a playground which is unique
safe and fun for our clients and players .

Trusted playground builder and
consultant that won't break the bank.

Safe & Fun and economy. --We are a trusted playground builder and consultant that won't break the bank.
We create playground with purpose.

1.Safe and Fun is a priority! Safe and Fun is the first for playground equipment supplier and builder , playground owners and players. The first safety feature to consider is the surfacing. Playground surfacing is found under and around the playground equipment to minimize the impact of falls. Why soft play is very popular in playground especially for kids from 2-7 years old ?Especially , for kindergarten , party hire ,kids cafe , playing centers , where small kids needs to be taken good care of . Because it is safe , and colorful and FUN ! Soft play is a very great choice because that the safe, soft environment can boost a child's confidence and encourage them to push their physical boundaries. This confidence to crawl and walk with no hard bumps when they fall will see children improve their agility, muscle strength and balance.

2. Always to be different . We will need your location and suggest you to do something different with your competitors rather than copying the same from your neighbors . Creativity makes you unique and easy to be popular on Instagram , facebook etc. Why not build a playground like a celebrity photo area, when we finally create the design together and send you ,and you will say “WOW ! I LOVE IT ! “ That’s most beautiful words our designers team want to hear! That’s our first big success together !!

3. We are more than a giant manufacturer of playground . We also have our own franchise brand --Pokiddo , and so far has 50+ franchises in China , and 3 in abroad, which help us understand better about events , operation a playground , and playground business ,etc . Customers are our teachers , our partners and also our best voice.

4. Always to be beautiful. One of our designers said , “Beauty is justice !”. We can’t agree that more ! The ancient Chinese also said that environmental education is greater than teaching by example, and teaching by example is greater than teaching by words.It is a kind of education for kids to play in a beautiful area. Making your playground beautiful and clean is also a kind of education.

5. We are honest people. We will tell you the truth of playground from very professional perspective. We have so many repeat orders and recommend from customers, because we can really help our customers-they can really make money easily with less worries.

We're Passionate & Friendly People

We listen !

We can only deliver results if we know what your success looks like. We listen, find out what you want to achieve and plan how we get you there. Things work better when we do it together.

We've Done It Before

We've in playground business since 2009 and have a few grey hairs to prove it! Our experience, along with our creative thinking, will help make sure your project is a success.

We Like to Talk

We'll keep you updated with the progress of the project design , production , delivery , installation and operation etc. Each project has a supporting team with a small group, so you'll soon get to know everyone working on your project. We'll earn your trust and make the process stress-free.

We Make it Easy

We love a challenge. We enjoy complex playground projects and some very brand new ideas in playground , and all of our more than 20 international sales and consultants of playground can speak English, and also some of them can speak Spanish ,Korea and Japanese. You'll find our bettaplay team honest, reliable and a safe pair of hands.

We Give Value for Money

Get What You Pay For

Our playground is all customized, so we don't need to sell you something you have no use for, you only pay for what you need. If it's better for you to use a ready-made playground from your own country than building it and then importing it from China then that's what we'll recommend.

Clear Costs and Flexible Payments

There is full clarity when it comes to our costs and how you can pay. Want to pay by trade assurance with credit card ? That's fine. We're happy to be flexible.

Honesty and Integrity

We're open and honest about what we do. We'd rather make a difference to you than make a quick quid for ourselves.

We Keep Our Promises

We're big on communication and transparency. If we say we're going to do something, you can expect us to do it.

We're Known for Excellent Customer Support

We Offer Ongoing Assistance

Getting a playground installation finished is just the beginning. We can provide ongoing help with party solutions , social media marketing, operation consultant , and other assistance to make sure your playground can be safe and FUN and also you can make money easily and with less worries.

We Like to Help

Got a question about your playground or kids zone ? Unsure about how to start your soft play party hire business ? Need some assistance with how to choose a shipping agent? We are available all day on our office contact numbers, social networks and mobile phones.

We'll Measure Your Success

We'll guide you through business plan of your project, so you can have a general idea about how to run your soft play party hire or your commercial playground effective and successfully.If you have any questions about how to start your soft play business , how to choose chinese supplier , how to import soft play from china, how much would soft play package cost etc. Just contact us freely .

We Make your Profit our Priority

We've grown our business by creating playground and sports parks that hit the internet,so far we already have more than 50 Pokiddo franchise in China and 3 Pokiddo Parks in abroad. Why Pokiddo can survive during 2020-2022 ? The secret is-- by keeping our clients happy. The success of your playground is our priority. We're not happy unless your playground can be a success in your city.

We are looking forward to building Pokiddo parks worldwide to bring happiness.

Key Person Introduction

Yongbao Wang

Focus on the Amusement toy industry for 14 +years
Founder of Pokiddo Franchise
Founder of Bettaplay brand
CHOWCHOW Play General Manager

Katie Zhang

Bettaplay General Manager
Pokiddo Franchise Brand CO-Founder
Chowchow Play Oversea Department General Manager
Follower of the Spirit of Wang Yangming's Philosophy
Alibaba.com Signed Lecturer

Our Mission

Help Kids Beat Alpha Go !

Our Vision

To Be the 1st Choice of Kids Zone Builder and Supplier

Our Values

  • Sincere and kind —— Be sincere and kind to customers, our team and our partners, and put others in the heart. Altruism is the greatest self-interest, and sincerity is the best way to communicate with each other.
  • Create value —— solve customer pain points and create value for customers.
  • Teamwork —— Willing to help and good at cooperation.
  • Happy and efficient —— energy management, maintain happiness and passion; result-oriented, good at summarize and share
  • Good at learning —— Learn from people and companies who has got results.
  • Dare to challenge —— Born to be the TOP! Embrace changes! Dare to challenge new business field and new rules!
  • Positive and optimistic —— Believe in the power of belief! Identify with the company culture! And has positive influence in the team


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