One Stop Solution of the Soft Play from Bettaplay

BETTAPLAY’s your one-stop soft play builder and consultant.We can provide you one stop solution service of the soft play.

For consultant: if you don’t know how to place the order of the soft play, please don’t worry, we will try to guide for you one step by one step:

step1: can decide what color and style of the soft play that you need, then we will quote for you precisely.

Step 2:All the quotation are ok, you need to tell us some information and we will make such a PI for you to do the deposit.

Step 3:After we received deposit, then we will make the design of the color for you to check

Step 4:Confirm the design, start producing for you, during produce , we will take some pictures and video to show you the process,

Step 5: finish the order, before packing we will take the pictures for you to confirm,

Step6: finish the balance

Step7:Arrange shipping and provide some document to support you do the custom clearance.

Step8: Feedback research.

For design: if you like, you can tell me what size, what color of the soft play that you want?

For example: if you need 36 square meter,pink color, then we can do the design for you according to your request, just as the below pictures:

For the products:Bettaplay can provide different style , different color of the soft play, also can provide some related products of the party hire, such as EVA flooring mat, plastic fence,inflatable bounce and so on, if you need some other products, bettaplay also can help you search.

For shipping:

Before shipping, we will help you to check the shipping fee with different shipping agent to find the most reasonable shipping agent for our customers, also our customers can check with their local agent to compare. During the shipping , we will take some pictures to our customer while sending the products out, also provide some document to support the custom clearance in China port, after the ship out out, will send tracking for our customers

When products arrive customers’ port, we will try our best to support our customers to do the local custom clearance, such as provide some document..

For advertising:if our customers need to do the advertising before products arrive, then we will try to send some high quality pictures for our customers.

For after sales service:we will prepare some repair kits together with our products in case our customers need

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