Bettaplay: Help Kids Beat Alpha Go!---Kids Need Play!

In 2016, a huge milestone has been reached in the field of artificial intelligence: AlphaGo, a program developed by Google's DeepMind unit, has defeated legendary Go player Lee Se-dol in the first of five historic matches being held in Seoul, South Korea.

This is Katie Zhang , I am mommy of 2 kids ,my daughter Bonnie was 5 and my son was 3 years old then. To be frankly , I was totally shocked by this news. I can feel that this would be a turning point of education! No need for boring rote memorization, because computers can do that better! And in the future some jobs would be replaced by AI and machines soon.

Bettaplay's founder, a mother of 2 kids Katie

Bettaplay's founder
A mother of 2 kids

Just imagine!!!

A relatively near-term future in which robotics and artificial intelligence will allow any of us, from ages 3 to 108, to easily and quickly find answers, create products or accomplish tasks, all simply by expressing our desires. In this future, what attributes will be most critical for our children to learn to become successful in their adult lives?

What's most important for educating our children today?

Katie and Bettaplay Team believe the answers are --'Passion! Curiosity! Imagination! Critical thinking ! And grit!'.

Play is essential to the development of all kids---Kids need Play! We need to encourage children to explore the world around them and learn fundamental lessons through climbing , sliding ,team working, playing, imagination, and adventure. Kids need Play , play is the most important “work” for kids.

Bettaplay was just found for this era of AI---Because in this era, Kids Need Play unlimited to drive artificial intelligence better!


So Bettaplay will help those who are interested in entering the amusement toys industry to build all kids of kids zone and provide comprehensive consulting services. We are the 1-stop builder and constant for Daycare Soft Play, Shopping Mall Kids Zone ,Hotel Kids Play Room ,Restaurant Play Area , Airport Kids Playground ,Backyard Playground ,Public Park Playground, Preschool Playground ,Apartment Playground ,and Resort Playground.


Thus, Betta Play determined to become your one-stop Kids Zone Builder and Consultant.

Because our mission is 'Help Kids Beat Alpha Go!'

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