What do I need to know when importing soft play from China for the first time?

First: let's introduce ourselves.
            You need to tell us your name, email, and other contact information (WhatsApp or WeChat), which will facilitate our follow-up communication. And according to our company regulations at Bettaplay, we must create a profile for you in order to make an offer and follow up.

Then: Determine the dimensions of your venue.
            Many of our products are not as small as they look. Often, after customers inquire about the price of the product, they find that the size of the product is too large and the size of the venue is not enough. So, you'd better tell us your venue size at the outset, so whether we recommend a product for you, or you pick a product yourself, we'll quickly tell you if it's a good fit.

Third: Pick your favorite products.
           You can contact us to ask for our soft play catalogue, which contains a lot of single products; you can browse our official website and choose your favorite suits or products.
           If you want to combine some part of set A with some part of set B, this is of course no problem.

Fourth: tell me the shipping method you want, to port or to door.
           Shipping to port: I need your port information, or give me an address and I will check the nearest port for you. When you place an order, you need to find a local customs clearance agent at the same time to handle all the procedures and costs for you after the goods arrive at the port. As for the procedures and fees, you need to contact the agent, because we are in China and cannot know every detail.
          Shipping to door: can be very expensive, but you don't need to think about anything. After paying the order, you only need to wait for the goods to be delivered to your doorstep, which is very convenient.

Fifth: quotation and confirmation.
            We will make a PI for you, which includes buyer information, product information, price, shipping and total price, and the most important wooden box fee.
            If you buy several items, then we need to take LCL bulk shipping. You know there could be a variety of products in a container and they could crush yours. Therefore, we generally recommend customers to pack wooden boxes to ensure the integrity of the goods.
            If you buy a whole cabinet, then we generally don't make wooden boxes.

Sixth: pay.
           We recommend payment through ALIBABA credit guarantee, in this way, both of us can get the maximum protection. In credit insurance, you can pay by credit card, TT or PayPal.
          Of course, direct transfer via bank card is also possible.
          We support USD payments, GBP payments, CNY payments and various other currencies. If you want to pay by other currencies, you can consult us before paying.

Seventh: Design.
           If you need to change the color, we will provide you with design services after you pay the deposit or full payment, so that you can intuitively see how the color you want will look like.

Eighth: production and delivery.
           After the reproduction is completed, we will send you pictures and videos so that you can confirm that this is the product you need. Only after the production is confirmed, we will package and ship.
          We will ship for you within one week after the final confirmation.
          When shipping, we may need to hand over work and documents to your agent, so you must find a suitable agent before shipping.

Ninth: after-sales.
            If you find any damage or quality problems with the product after you receive it, please feel free to contact us.
           However, if you do not ship it in a wooden box and the product is damaged, we cannot be responsible for you.


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