What's the difference between HK8-(PU) and HK9-(PVC)

PVC and PU are very common in soft play products and are usually the last layer of skin around soft play products. But people are often confused about how to choose PVC or PU.The following describes the difference between the two from six aspects.




The quality of PU is better than PVC. And it is more soften and has strong withstand.But PU is more easily scratched.



The pattern on the PVC will be clearer and more detailed.

3.Temperature resistance

Temperature resistance for PVC is 65 degree Celsius,and PU can up to 95 degree Celsius


4.Color card

The color of PU is more optional than PVC.You can see that I have these two color cards in my hand: this one is PVC and the other is PU.The one of PU is obviously thicker than PVC.



The price of PVC is cheaper than PU.



The PVC is easier for maintenance than PU.


So you can choose the material you need according to the above six points.


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