To give children a good childhood memory by arranging soft play area in the room

To give children a good childhood memory by arranging soft play area in the room


Whether you're playing with dolls, doodling in coloring books, or a set of stylish toys, one thing is certain: the children's play area is more than just an area. This is a place where children can be creative. If you are lucky enough to have your own soft play area, your childhood may have some happy memories.


1.Create a soft play area in the open plan

Use some fancy flooring to create a visual barrier between work and play. Cushions are a great way to define areas that are separate from the rest of the room and to create space around them.

Cushions come in a variety of colors and are usually soft enough to be picked up and stored when not needed. They can ease the pain of a child's fall. So you can safely let your children play in this soft play area. What's more, this confidence in climbing and walking helps young children improve agility, muscle strength and balance when they fall.


2. The color of the soft areas in the room

Bright Reds, yellows, and blues may be obvious colors for children's soft play areas, but they don't suit the rest of your home. If your soft play area is in a small space, change the primary color to a softer (but still fun and beautiful!) Color.


Consider using advanced hues like garnet or magenta instead of red. Light up your space with Chartreuse, mint or sepiolite. Your home is still colorful and suitable for children, and your options are almost limitless.


If you absolutely must use the color palette normally reserved for children's rooms, consider fire engine red or bright blue, and suggest different shades from the same color range to add some extra depth.


3. Soft Tour area layout

The layout has the ability to create or destroy any room. However, when making soft play areas for children, you are free to be creative and change the layout.


The living room can be rearranged to create a soft play area for children that is both self-contained and interconnected. In this process, you can also move through the sofa, chairs and other furniture to open up space, as a living room and software play area dividing line. More importantly, the play area will not feel closed due to the open ventilation design of the chairs. So everybody wins.



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