How to choose a shipping agent?

For customers who want to import goods from China, a sea freight forwarder is very important.
There are two types of shipping agents: shipping agents and customs clearance agents.

A: customs clearance agent
Customs clearance agents are very, very important.
When our goods are about to leave for your port, we need to connect the documents with the customs clearance agent.
When our cargo arrives at your port, your customs clearance agent needs to help you confirm the documents, fees and taxes. They will take care of everything for you and make sure you can pick up your cargo from the port without a hitch.
Of course, you can do these work yourself, but if you are not familiar with the shipping process, you may miss some details, causing the goods to accumulate in the port and cannot be taken out.
If your cargo is piling up at the port, it's going to be a lot of money, very, very expensive.

So, how to choose a customs clearance agent?
1: Through friends who have imported goods, ask them which customs clearance company they have cooperated with before.
This is a very good way, because the customs clearance company from your country is often more familiar with the rules of the port; at the same time, there is no language barrier; and if you choose a local customs clearance company, you want to know the current situation of your goods. It is also very convenient anywhere.
2: Find a customs clearance company through the Internet.
Because the shipping industry is currently experiencing great setbacks, you can easily find a customs clearance company on the Internet, and everyone needs customers. However, this way may find unreliable customs clearance companies, so you must understand clearly before confirming cooperation.
3: Use the customs clearance agent we introduced for you.
We have cooperative customs clearance companies in various countries. If not, we can also introduce customs clearance agents from China to you, but this may cause language barriers, but it is definitely not a big problem, right?
And if you use our customs clearance company, it may not be so easy to understand the status of your goods.

B: Shipping agent
Generally speaking, transportation agents can be divided into two types:
·The agent who transports your goods to your port: This means that he is only responsible for transporting the goods from our factory to your port, after that you still need to find a customs clearance agent to pick up the goods for you. Of course, if you are familiar with the customs clearance process, you can operate it yourself, which will save you money.
·Door-to-door shipping agency: Yes, we also provide door-to-door service, which means that you only need to pay for the goods and you can wait for the goods to be delivered to your door with peace of mind. If you choose this kind of proxy, it will be very, very convenient, but at the same time, the cost will be a bit high.

So, how to choose a reliable shipping agent?
1: Select the transportation company through the ALIBABA platform. There are many shipping companies on the ALIBABA platform, and choosing them is very reliable, but at the same time the price may be slightly higher.
In addition to selecting a shipping company in the platform interface, you can also post an RFQ, or filter shipping companies from the RFQ, and the price here may be relatively low.
2: Through friends who have imported goods, ask them which customs clearance company they have cooperated with before.
Unlike customs clearance companies, transportation companies are mostly from China, but this route is also a very reliable route. If you introduce each other and cooperate with the same customs clearance company, the price will definitely be favorable.
3: We can introduce the customs clearance company for you. We at Bettaplay have cooperation with more than a dozen customs clearance companies, we can introduce them to you, and let you choose the most suitable customs clearance company.

But for the shipping agent, it is not as important as the customs clearance agent, because you can use our shipping agent. We will arrange the goods for you to your port or door, the most important thing is if you need customs clearance, find a reliable customs clearance agent.


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