How to choose soft play in order to make it last longer

1. Materials used

If your soft play equipment is made of materials suitable for its environment, it has a better chance of lasting for years to come. While an indoor playgrounds won't be affected by the weather, you can still maximize their lifespan by choosing components and structures made from heavy-duty materials.


So when choosing soft play products, you can ask your supplier to provide you with photos of wood, sponge, pearl foam and other materials to see their thickness and quality.


2. High-quality equipment

As with many other products, playground equipment’s quality significantly impacts how long it lasts and how much use it can withstand. The higher the quality of an indoor playground, the longer it will last.


3. Patch Pack

If you buy the soft play equipments, your supplier will send you a patch kit. Then even if your soft play products has some small damage during use, you can repair them through the repair kit.


So in conclusion, if the material you choose is of the right and higher quality and the vendor will send you a patch kit, your soft play will last longer.

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